CEJI's Award-winning Training Programmes featured in 'Excellence in Adult Education 2013'

Our award-winning suite of Belieforama religious diversity and anti-discrimination training programmes has been featured in a new publication by the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA). The publication (EAEA Grundtvig Award - Excellence in Adult Education 2013 (PDF)) shortlists 12 projects in the European category:

The economic crisis in Europe has contributed to a decrease in European cohesion […] Can adult education promote transnational solidarity and fight nationalism and xenophobia? We believe that adult education can be a powerful tool. Therefore, in 2013, we looked […] for projects that confronted these tendencies and found new ways of promoting transnational (and European) solidarity and cohesion. We were seeking excellent projects that could be examples for other adult education institutions.

The quality and achievements of Belieforama have already been recognised in two prestigious awards:

  • Gold Prize Winner for quality in adult education from the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme (2008)
  • First Prize Winner for Intercultural Commitment by the BMW Group (2010).

I want to emphasise that the production of the Handbook is a superb achievement of inter-religious, intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration. There is no doubt that the Handbook as it stands would facilitate a great deal of learning.

Robert Jackson, Director of Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit at the University of Warwick, England