European Commission report highlights Belieforama as good practice

Belieforama, our award-winning suite of Religious Diversity and Anti-discrimination training programmes, and EVALORED, a project to maximise the potential impact and
dissemination of these new training modules trans-nationally, cross-sector, and inter-community, have been featured in a European Commission publication as examples of good practice
Some specific examples of longer-term impact reported by participants are highlighted as follows:

  • A teacher of multi-ethnic groups said the programme had helped them to facilitate issues between students: following a conflict between a Bulgarian and a Roma child, the teacher used a ‘Rights of Passage’ exercise to make all the class aware of different beliefs and rituals and how important it is to respect each other.
  • A Catholic priest said that some of the activities and the emerging themes had informed his preaching to his congregation.
  • One participant reported that the programme had helped resolve issues in relation to the baptism of a child in a family where the mother is Catholic and the father is Muslim.
  • A medical doctor said that the programme had helped him in becoming more tolerant and understanding of people from different ethnic groups and religions.
  • A human resource manager said that information gleaned from the course had proved useful in compiling fact sheets on granting time off to employees for significant religious events.

Download the full report: Dissemination and exploitation of results. Examples of good practice 2007 - 2011 (PDF)

There is a YouTube video offering testimonials from those who participated in Evalored, which was created in November 2009 – just after the completion of Evalored, at the beginning of Belieforama: