Roundtable discussion: Europe on the Far Right: Developments and Strategies against

This roundtable discussion is hosted by Green MEPs and the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation and takes place on 4th March 2014, 11h 00 – 14h 00, at the European Parliament Brussels, PHS 7C050

11h00: Welcome note
MEP (tbc) and Bastian Hermisson

11h10: Roundtable
Developments and strategies against
Shannon Pfohman, Deputy Director (Policy), ENAR (European Network against Racism), Brussels
Andreas Speit, journalist, author of "Europas radikale Rechte", Hamburg
Dr Britta Schellenberg, Senior researcher on strategies against right wing extremism, Centre for Applied Policy Research, Munich
Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP
Ska Keller MEP
Jean Lambert MEP
Bastian Hermisson, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Head
13h40: Concluding remarks
MEP tbc

Right-wing radicalism is increasingly on the rise in all EU Member States. It is possible that members of this group will account for up to 10% of MEPs in the next Parliament, following the European elections in May 2014.

Current polls worryingly suggest that Front National, led by Marine Le Pen, might be the strongest French power after the elections, expected to hold up to 20 seats.
Marine Le Pen, Dutch Geert Wilders and Austrian Heinz-Christian Strache have already announced their aim to establish a joint parliamentary Group in the European Parliament. In Germany, the possibility looms of "Alternative für Deutschland", which again spreads right-wing populist arguments, getting into the European Parliament.

The purpose of the Roundtable is to counter the arguments of these groups whereby there is a deliberate attempt to try to define the EU´s crisis in terms of populist onesided rhetoric. The discussion "Europe on the far right: Developments and strategies against" will be an opportunity to examine rising right-wing radicalism and extremism in the European Union. The aim in particular is to get an overview of the situation in the Member States and develop strategies to counter the statements made by rightwing
radicals and extremists. Who are they? Why do they claim to be the supposed voice of an underrepresented majority? What are their strategies to gain access to the political centre? What can we do in response?

The discussion will include the participation of academics and activists among other interested parties.
Your attendance would be very much appreciated!

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