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Addressing Antisemitism through Education: Teaching Aids


In recent years, violent and deadly antisemitic attacks have spread fear throughout Jewish communities in the OSCE region. All too often, Jewish people are forced to contend with physical assaults, the destruction or vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, synagogues and community buildings and online or offline anti-Semitic hate speech and harassment.

While the need for international efforts to combat antisemitism is increasingly urgent, it is educators who have the power to address this pressing social challenge by instilling the values of mutual respect and equality in their students. Based on research by the University of Derby into the most prevalent challenges teachers face in educating about antisemitism in the OSCE region, CEJI is proud for having supported ODIHR in the development and drafting of ten specialized teaching aids to support teachers address antisemitism.

Translated into 9 different languages, they offer guidance for responding effectively to challenging questions or behaviour from students, provide brief but essential background information on contemporary manifestations, and signpost other useful resources for further reading. The overall learning approach focuses on promoting human rights, tolerance and critical thinking. 

You can find the whole resource here: https://www.osce.org/odihr/441146

See the individual teaching aids here: