Generate - new youth programme

Generate - new youth programme from CEJI

'Generate' is the new CEJI 'train-the-trainer' programme for a Jewish life based on everyone’s contribution.

Generate originally emerges out of a partnership between CEJI and EUJS responding to the needs expressed by Jewish communities throughout Europe: lack of interest and involvement of young Jews in community life. The project aims to transform community members from passive “consumers” into active contributors.  The vision of ‘Generate’ is a Jewish life built on everyone’s contribution, where people of any age are enabled to take initiative and shape their Jewish context.

The vision of “Generate” is “a Jewish life built on everyone’s contribution”, where youth are enabled to take initiative and shape their Jewish context

The Generate programme will support participants to increase their personal investment in Jewish life, to develop a sense of responsibility for their community, and to build their capacity to take leadership and implement outcome oriented action plans. They will learn how to articulate their goals in order to inspire others’ participation, in particular to reach out to non-aligned young Jews.


The programme objectives are:

  • Strengthen personal pride in one’s Jewish identity;
  • Develop leadership, cooperation and organisational development skills;
  • Create comfort and ability to speak in public, present one’s ideas and facilitate effective meetings;
  • Motivate a desire to shape one’s Jewish community and societies for the better; and
  • Increase youth participation in Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Free sample activity

Why not try out the 'Role Model' activity from the Generate training programme for free?

Learning outcomes

A list of some of the training outcomes (scroll to bottom of page for full list):

  • To gain un understanding of the concepts of personal, communal and social responsibility from a jewish perspective;
  • To develop a sense of personal commitments for the communal good;
  • To strengthen self confidence and motivation to contribute one’s full potential to jewish life
  • To raise awareness about the challenges faced by any resources available for jewish communities across Europe;
  • To be able to identify a problem/solution/context and develop a strategy with a positive attitude;
  • To develop individual capacities to generate initiatives and inspire others to generate initiatives through an innovative informal educational programme

Our methodology

The Generate training is organised with a pedagogical process based on experiential and participative processes that strategically bring participants through the stages needed to reach Generate’s goal: a Jewish life built on everyone’s contribution.

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Complete list of learning outcomes

  • To develop skills as facilitators
  • To be equipped to deal with difficult or potentially difficult situations
  • To experience a positive tone that encourages active participation
  • To recognize the potential contributions that one makes;
  • To raise awareness of the complexity and uniqueness own’s own identity and appreciate the interaction between one’s various belongings
  • To recognize and appreciate the diversity within Jewish communities
  • To be able to identify power dynamics that can dictate the inclusion or exclusion of some groups in communities; and
  • To understand the meaning of jewish activism and consider what this means within the wider social context
  • To appreciate the variety of types and tactics which can be employed in activism.
  • To be more self-aware about one’s own personal motivation to be part of an action or a change process
  • To be able to apply one’s own values and commitments toward a specific goal
  • To identify possible strategies towards resolving potential or real obstacles
  • To recognize existing resources and other stakeholders