An international non-profit organisation established in 1991, CEJI stands with individuals and organisations of all religions, cultures and backgrounds to promote a diverse and inclusive Europe. CEJI works to combat prejudice and discrimination and to promote social cohesion through training, education, dialogue and advocacy.


  • A leading provider of diversity education and training in Europe, CEJI works through ever-growing networks to offer a constructive response to prejudice and discrimination.
  • Contributing innovative ideas to policy-making processes dealing with anti-discrimination and social inclusion, CEJI actively advocates for policies promoting a diverse and inclusive Europe.
  • A Jewish voice at a European level, CEJI facilitates Jewish participation in European affairs, gaining recognition for Jewish experiences and concerns and empowering Jewish organisations to become more internationally and interculturally active.


Read the article A Jewish education approach to religious pluralism written by CEJI Director Robin Sclafani, as published in “Religious Literacy, Law and History: Perspectives on European Pluralist Societies”.

Read the article on Fighting hate speech is a duty for Jews written by Melissa Sonnino, Facing Facts Coordinator at CEJI, published on the blog of Times of Israel.