If you are interested in working with CEJI, there are several ways for you to get involved, from job vacancies and internships, to organisational partnerships and offering support in the form of donations. We also offer opportunities for volunteers and trainers. Browse the categories in this section to see how you can best work with us in achieving an inclusive Europe:

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Partnerships are critical to CEJI’s work. Currently we are working with several networks to keep the European dimension of our educational activities and promote continuous research and development as well as intercultural and interfaith learning. In addition, we are also engaged in the fight against discrimination in all its forms. We coordinated the ACODDEN network – “A CLASSROOM OF DIFFERENCE ™ program coordinators, trainers and teachers network – and we play a supporting role in the functioning of EPTO (European Peer Training Organisation).

CEJI has been actively involved for several years with the TRES network (Teaching Religion in a multicultural European Society) and NILE (Network on Intercultural Learning in Europe) and ENAR (European Network against Racism). Our Belieforama programme is distributed through a network composed by Extravaleren (Netherlands), IAC (Spain), IIT (Romania), the Institute for International Co-operation of the German Adult Education Association, Multi-Faith Centre (United Kingdom), Partners Bulgaria Foundation, People Can (United Kingdom) and CEJI (Brussels).

To learn more about partnership opportunities with CEJI, contact us!


CEJI is looking for a full-time Finance and Administration Officer. Click here to view the job description and apply until 21st January 2022.


There are currently no vacancies open.

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CEJI welcomes spontaneous inquiries for internship opportunities in the fields in which we operate, in addition to the fields of translation, communications and administration. Please send us a CV and letter of motivation. Please note that such internships are unpaid.

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CEJI works with independent trainers on a per diem basis to deliver its training programmes. Such trainers must complete a CEJI authorised ‘train-the-trainer’ seminar for the required certification. These seminars may be offered at European or national levels, as needed. If you are interested in becoming a trainer with one of CEJI’s educational programmes, please get in touch with our Training Co-ordinator
Stéphanie Lecesne.