Robin Sclafani

Executive Director
Robin Sclafani has over 30 years experience in developing and delivering anti-bias training programmes for various target groups. With a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution, Ms. Sclafani uses training and facilitation as methods for transforming social conflict into opportunities for social cohesion. Originally from New York City, Ms. Sclafani came to Brussels in 1998 as a Fulbright Scholar to the European Union.

Melissa Sonnino

Facing Facts Director
Originally from Rome, Italy, Melissa has extensive experience in managing EU projects. Since its inception in 2011 she has managed and enhanced the European project Facing Facts! – make hate crime visible. Her passion for identity issues, inclusion and communities’ development found a natural fit in the work of CEJI where she also develops and delivers training programmes on issues related to antidiscrimination and hate crime monitoring. She has strengthened the Jewish outreach of the organisation with local Jewish communities and institutions across Europe. With a Master degree in International Relations, before joining CEJI, she coordinated two research projects on Jewish Identity in Italy.

Stéphanie Lecesne

Training Director
Born in France in 1974, Stéphanie graduated from Caen University, where she completed a professional master’s in ‘European Local Development Projects Expertise’ which included an internship with CEJI in 2004. Stéphanie has worked for over a decade in the area of European projects in France. She has developed several courses related to intercultural learning employing non-formal education techniques in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Stéphanie returned to CEJI, joining our team in April 2011 as Training Coordinator.

Jean-Christophe Donck

Operations and Finance Manager
Jean-Christophe started his career in the field of financial risk management in New York. After having completed a Master of Business Administration at INSEAD (France), he joined the biopharmaceuticals field evolving from strategic roles into operations. After more than 25 years in the corporate world, he decided to join the Institute of Tropical Medicine as General Manager (Antwerp, Belgium). In 2018, he took on the CEO role of Virunga Energies (DR Congo), a green electricity producer and distributor. Jean-Christophe joined CEJI in March 2023 as Operations and Finance Manager with the goal of developing and implementing efficient management processes to ensure operational efficacy and economic sustainability.

Adam Coventry

EU Project Finance & Administration Officer
Born in London, Adam received his Bachelor degree in Business Management from Brunel University in 2006. Adam gained 5 years of experience working on the financial side of collaborative projects both domestic UK and EU-funded, before relocating to Belgium in 2017. Once in Belgium, Adam worked in an administrative role for an NGO and then moved to CEJI to focus on EU projects.

Estelle Cincinatis

NOA Project Coordinator
Born and raised in Brussels, Estelle graduated from Political Science from Université Saint-Louis and Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Estelle has been working in the nonprofit Jewish sector for several years, both at grassroots level and with European Jewish organisations as Project Coordinator and Advocacy Officer. She has built Dialogue & Diversity project and is highly involved in the programmes and activities of the Brussels Jewish Community. She is also participating in the JCA project (Youth Against Antisemitism), led by UEJB and coordinated by CEJI. In addition, Estelle is highly interested in Judaism and Feminism and writes radio podcasts on that subject.


Cathy Del Rizzo

CEJI Training Coordinator
Cathy Del Rizzo (F) is the Training Coordinator at CEJI. With formal and non-formal educational backgrounds in training, youth work, art and theatre, Cathy has been working as an anti-bias trainer since 2014. She is currently focusing on training delivery, educational program development, network development and activities in Belgium. She has been involved in designing and implementing numerous workshops, trainings and train-the-trainer courses on combating prejudices and discrimination.

Daniel Heller

Project Officer
Originally from Rome, Italy. Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with a specialisation in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Conflict and Development from Universiteit Gent, where he researched for his Master’s thesis the challenges and advantages of an intersectional-informed approach to hate crime policies. His interests include concepts of violence, racism, the political, and intersectionality.

Rennier Caselli

Digital Learning Developer
Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Rennier holds a degree in International Relations and a Master’s degree in Cultural Property Protection in Crisis Response from the University of Turin. With experience dating back to 2017, Rennier has been working in the training field, including consulting for international organizations like the International Training Centre of the ILO. In this capacity, Rennier provided support and developed online training courses. Known for proficiency in various digital tools, Rennier excels in managing e-learning platforms and crafting engaging learning materials, thus exhibiting expertise in delivering impactful training courses.

Annabelle Betz

Communications Officer at Facing Facts Network
After her studies in Lyon, Weimar, Lisbon and Leipzig, Annabelle joined the team as a Communications Officer in November 2022. Previously, Annabelle worked as a video editor for the digitisation of teaching content and in the Communications team of a non-profit organisation. Annabelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in European Media Culture with a specialisation in “Organisations, Institutions and Digital” and a Master’s degree in European Studies, where she wrote her Master’s thesis on the role of tour guides in decolonising Lisbon’s cityscape.

Alexandre Liebhaberg

Communications Officer at CEJI
Born and raised in Brussels, Alex is currently a Philosophy, Jewish Studies, and Art History student as well as the former Treasurer of the Belgian Jewish Community (CCOJB) and former Secretary-General of the Belgian Union of Jewish Students (UEJB). Very active in Jewish and anti-racist grassroots activism and facilitation, he works tirelessly to spark conversations and shape the diverse and inclusive society of tomorrow. At CEJI, he is part of the Belgium task force and coordinates the communications efforts.

Joanna Peczenik

Social Media Officer 
Joanna, while pursuing her studies in political communication at ULB, has actively engaged herself in diverse Jewish and non-Jewish organizations throughout the years. In recent times, she served as a delegate, focusing on issues pertaining to inclusion and gender discrimination within the Belgian Union of Jewish Students (UEJB). Subsequently, she assumed the role of co-president within the organization for two years. Throughout her journey, Joanna has been ardently involved in combating racism, and antisemitism, advocating for human rights, and promoting intercultural understanding. She firmly believes in the significance of fostering connections and building bridges to facilitate open dialogues on these critical matters. Her affiliation with CEJI is an extension of her vision for an inclusive Europe, where she continues to contribute towards the realization of this vision.

Sacha Guttmann

Advocacy Officer
Born in Brussels, Sacha is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public administration. After having been an instructor for 2 years in the youth movement Hashomer Hatzair, he was actively involved in several civil society organizations in Belgium. Continuing his associative commitment, Sacha joined the Belgian Union of Jewish Students (UEJB), where he served as president from 2019 to 2021 and as co-president from 2021 to 2023. During his various commitments, he had the opportunity to develop skills in event planning, political advocacy, and intercultural connections.

Valeria Enea

Administration & Office Assistant 

Valeria arrived in Brussels from Italy in 2007 and now she brings a keen eye for detail to CEJI’s office management. With ten years of experience as a microelectronics engineer and another five years as an award-winning face and body painting artist, Valeria has a knack for precision and problem-solving. She brings creativity and efficiency, turning visions into successful outcomes, and always with a smile!

Joanna Perry

CEJI Collaborator – Facing Facts
Joanna Perry is an independent hate crime consultant, research fellow and associate lecturer on hate crime at Birkbeck College, University of London. Joanna’s previous roles include Hate Crime Officer at the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, criminal justice policy lead at Victim Support UK, and hate crime policy and performance lead at the Crown Prosecution Service. She has published on disability hate crime and current challenges in achieving a shared concept of hate crime at the international level among policy makers, civil society, practitioners and scholars. Joanna has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bristol University and later gained a graduate diploma in Law from the College of Law, and a Masters in research in law from Birkbeck College.

Khalissa El Abbadi

CEJI Collaborator – Trainer
Khalissa El Abbadi has been working in the field of integration for 20 years. She has been coordinating a frontline service that organises the integration of foreigners, and she is also a trainer on intercultural issues for social workers, frontline professionals and in schools. For the past two years, Khalissa has been a pedagogical referent at the Fédération des Maisons de Jeunes in French-speaking Belgium. Since 2013, she has been co-facilitating CEJI trainings and working regularly as a trainer on topics such as antisemitism, islamophobia, stereotypes and prejudices.

Chiara Piccolo

EU Policy Advisor at Learning for Wellbeing
Chiara grew up in Napoli (Italy) where she internalised the passion of the culture underneath the Vesuvio. She always had a deep interest in pedagogy, philosophy and psychology. She moved to Brussels in 2006 where she worked as a project coordinator for education and training EU-funded projects. She takes care of relationships with EU Institutions and European partners, NGOs and key stakeholders. She oversees the advocacy work and strategy for EU policies on social welfare, well-being, child rights and participation.