Exhibition: Dessins Assassins

CEJI is proud to be a partner for the exhibition Dessins Assassins / Heinous cartoons or the antisemitic corrosion in Europe, which opened on 22nd March at the Memorial of Caen in France. Over 120 documents and artifacts – French, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Hungarian posters; postcards; antisemitic artifacts; newspaper headlines; children or adult books; newspapers, leaflets- are, for the first time, displayed at the Caen Mémorial Museum.

Jewish-Arab Festival

During the 1st Jewish-Arab Festival in Molenbeek, our Training Coordinator Stephanie Lecesne will hold a workshop on Jewish cuisine. Baking challah in a bag and sharing the receipe of babaganush will also be part of The cuisine of Babel program on 12th March starting from 1 pm. The workshop will be in French. For more information, click here.

Hate Crime is not (Only) My Problem | Disrupt & Innovate Blog

What is hate crime and why should we all be concerned about it? Defining the problem is a first step towards understanding a phenomenon which affects our society as a whole. The International Civil Society Centre invited our Facing Facts Coordinator, Melissa Sonnino, to write a blogpost about the work of Facing Facts! and the topic of hate crime and civil society in general.

Registration is open for the next Facing Facts online course on hate crime monitoring

Learn about hate crime and its impact on victims and communities, how to recognise and record hate crimes and how to use your data to advocate for improved responses. The variety of our learning methods and its highly interactive components make this course unique. You will be accompanied by experts and practitioners in the field in your learning journey. Sign up today with our special introductory offer and complete the course for free!