Exhibition: Dessins Assassins

CEJI is proud to be a partner for the exhibition Dessins Assassins / Heinous cartoons or the antisemitic corrosion in Europe, which opened on 22nd March at the Memorial of Caen in France. Over 120 documents and artifacts – French, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Hungarian posters; postcards; antisemitic artifacts; newspaper headlines; children or adult books; newspapers, leaflets- are, for the first time, displayed at the Caen Mémorial Museum.

Jewish-Arab Festival

During the 1st Jewish-Arab Festival in Molenbeek, our Training Coordinator Stephanie Lecesne will hold a workshop on Jewish cuisine. Baking challah in a bag and sharing the receipe of babaganush will also be part of The cuisine of Babel program on 12th March starting from 1 pm. The workshop will be in French. For more information, click here.

Hate Crime is not (Only) My Problem | Disrupt & Innovate Blog

What is hate crime and why should we all be concerned about it? Defining the problem is a first step towards understanding a phenomenon which affects our society as a whole. The International Civil Society Centre invited our Facing Facts Coordinator, Melissa Sonnino, to write a blogpost about the work of Facing Facts! and the topic of hate crime and civil society in general.