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Parliament of rights – educational kit developed by CEJI and OBC Transeuropa

This new online interactive tool developed by CEJI and OBC Transeuropa aims at generating a greater understanding of the EU’s policy-making process using anti-discrimination legislation as a case study. The e-learning module highlights the specific role of the European Parliament in this on-going process. This easily accessible educational kit is now available here in English and in Italian.

Jewish anti-hate crime effort launches with support of EU, social media | The Jerusalem Post

Noting a correlation between hateful discourse online and actual hate crime the initiative seeks to help law-enforcement professionals and civil-society organizations better counter hate speech.

An initiative to fight hate crime was launched on Monday evening at the Google offices in Brussels. The project is a collaboration between the European Commission, social media giants Twitter and Facebook and Jewish NGO CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.

PRESS RELEASE: United against hate crime: European law enforcment agencies and social media companies join forces to tackle hate speech

There is an emerging correlation between hateful discourse, which circulates quickly online, and hate crime - which includes harassment, vandalism and violence.EU member states are now accountable for recording bias-motivated crimes 1 and ensuring that victims have access to justice. The European Commission and IT companies have recognised the echo chamber provided by the internet in amplifying the spread of hate in society, resulting in the recently agreed Code of Conduct which should see a more effective response to take down and prosecute criminal hate speech online.