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Advanced hate speech monitoring training in Brussels


Are you interested in monitoring hate speech?

Would you like to learn from experienced professionals how to do it best?

…then join the SCAN advanced hate speech monitoring training in Brussels, organized by CEJI within the framework of the sCAN project.

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Why join the training?

To become a monitoring expert and contribute to more thorough research on the cyber hate phenomenon as well as to promote more visibility and counteraction in your community.

What will I learn?

By participating in this interactive training, you will have the possibility to learn more about monitoring hate speech and counteraction, documenting the phenomenon, tackling underreporting, comparing results as well as producing effective counternarratives. The training will include interactive sessions on how to recognise hate speech, the importance of monitoring and the art of documentation. Tamas Berecz, an expert trainer from the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH), will join the training for a 1-hour morning session on day 2 in order to give an understanding of how to use the INACH databank for documenting cyber hate.

Further information

  • Please bring along your laptop, tablet or smartphone. If this is not possible, please let us know & we will try to arrange technical equipment for you.
  • The training location will be wheelchair accessible.


As the number of participants is limited, please register as quickly as possible, as the registration process follows a strict “come-first-served-first”-principle. If your participation is not confirmed by the 13th December, it means that places filled up before you registered.
We are happy to invite you to take the Facing Facts Online course on hate speech in English, German, French or Italian, where module 2 focuses on monitoring from getting started to building your own monitoring system.

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