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CEJI Statement on Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine


CEJI condemns Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and we are deeply troubled by its impact on human life.  There are profound ramifications from this invasion for Europe and the world. We are keenly aware of the inevitable effect it is having on local populations and neighbouring countries. We stand in sympathy with all Ukrainians and in solidarity with Jewish and other minority communities in Ukraine and Russia, and call on the European Union to do everything possible to welcome Ukrainian refugees.  

Jewish teaching tells us to welcome refugees, You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” CEJI, as a Jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe, provides anti-discrimination education to protect minority communities to promote a more tolerant and diverse Europe. CEJI, as the leading provider across Europe of anti-discrimination education, includes refugee awareness in its education programmes. CEJI stands ready to work with other organisations with shared values for a more peaceful Europe. 

CEJI remains committed to provide educational support to Jewish communities who wish to engage in proactive and dialogical approaches to welcome refugees of all backgrounds. New training and resources are available from the Gishur project resulting from a partnership between CEJI, HIAS-the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and Paideia-The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden.

CEJI’s anti-bias training the last 30 years is useful to reduce polarization and prejudice. CEJI also emphasises its continuous support with the tools of Facing Facts to build preparedness of local authorities and communities to address hate speech and hate crime.  For more information, see www.ceji.org.