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How to mitigate bias when reading the news?


In the aftermath of the tragic events this week, CEJI offers our educational approach to mitigate bias when reading the news. 

Our world now faces great risks from misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and conspiracy theories which circulate online and offline. This is dangerous because news and social media headlines can feed bias and prejudice, sometimes also hatred, and these contribute to an escalation of hate speech, violent crimes and extremist radicalization. In addition, hostile environments can lead to serious consequences on mental health and peoples’ motivation to engage in community life. CEJI recalls our mission of an inclusive and democratic Europe and calls on everyone to do their utmost to ensure inclusive environments with no place for hate.

Here are a few simple tips to reduce the impact of bias on the way you consume and circulate the news of the day:

  1. Read between the adjectives.
  2. Press the pause button on your mind’s automatic pilot.
  3. Check the source and the facts.
  4. Go beyond your bubble.
  5. Ask yourself, why do I care?
  6. Words to avoid: “Always”, “Never”, “Us” and “Them”.
  7. Humanize, not dehumanize.
  8. Act in your spheres of influence.
  9. Dialogue or Healthy Debate?
  10. Vote!

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