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MultiMemo Dissemination Conference and Joint Artistic Holocaust Commemoration Event


We are pleased to invite you to the MultiMemo Dissemination Conference and Joint Artistic Holocaust Commemoration Event

‘Echoes of Remembrance’ – A Journey through Memories. A joint artistic Holocaust commemoration event

This event is organized by CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, in partnership with the Jewish Museum of Belgium, as part of the European project MultiMemo – Multidirectional Memory: Remembering for Social Justice.

The MultiMemo project

The MultiMemo project proposes an intersectional approach to remembrance. Drawing from the concept of ‘multidirectional memory’, it initiates a variety of forms of active remembrance in the public spheres across several European countries.

MultiMemo’s point of departure is the tragic and murderous legacy of WWII in East Central Europe (ECE). The project focuses on sites and practices of ‘mutliple exclusion’ with respect to remembrance that are problematic or/and overlooked because the trauma of the Holocaust overlaps with other intricate social, historical or contemporary issues.

The practices of the project are based on the four principles of inclusivity, sustainability, the rescuing of memory, and epistemic justice. They are implemented through arts, academia, urbanism, activism, and policy making.

The MultiMemo dissemination conference and commemoration event

The event aims to promote and explore commemoration through a multidirectional approach to Holocaust remembrance with the intervention of professionals, academic speakers and artists.

It will be structured in two parts. Firstly, we will explore the concept of multidirectional memory and how it can be put into practice at a grassroots level through a panel discussion.

The second part of the event will be an exploration of the applied concept featuring local artists commemorating the holocaust through a multidirectional approach, thus honouring the memory of different communities bearing that suffering.


21st of January 2024, 16.00h – 19.30h (CET)  


The Jewish Museum of Belgium, Brussels


Members of the communities, activists, practitioners, and policymakers.


The event will be in English. Translation into French will be provided.


Click here to fill in the registration form. Please note that there is a limited number of seats. Registration closes on January 18th.


  • 16.00h- 16.30h Welcome & Introduction
  • 16.30h-17.30h Voices of MultiMemo. Moderator: Murilo Cambruzzi – Osservatorio antisemitismo. Panel: Dr. Alexandra Janus – FUNDACJA ZAPOMNIANE, Magdalena Rubenfeld- FESTIVALT, Dr. Frederek Musall – Hochschule fur Jüdische Studien Heidelberg, Johanan Seynave – Bnai Brith Europe.
  • 17.30h – 18.00h Break – Drinks and snacks
  • 18.00h-18.40h Art performances, Hady-Salomé Dahan – Slam Poet Artist, Vilmos Csikós father and son – musicians 
  • 18.40h-19.00h Participatory Ritual – Shoshana Walfish & Céline Gaza
  • 19.00h-19.20h Open Circle
  • 19.20h- 19.30h Closure

The project is funded by the European Union (CERV-2022-REM) and involves nine European partners: FestivALT, UMF, Zapomniane Foundation, JCC Warsaw, the Formy Common Foundation, the Foundation for the Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries, CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg  and the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg.