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The empowerment of pupils: a framework for educators


Diversity, peace and citizenship education programmes have been recognized as a valuable resource in the construction of effective multicultural schools and societies. With a wide variety of methods and resources, these programmes share similar values:

  • Human rights
  • Active participation
  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Intercultural learning
  • Social responsibility
  • Democracy
  • Non-violence

Some schools may want to implement a diversity, peace or citizenship education programme to teach pupils how to behave better and thus succeed. Others may see it as a last resort for dealing with social conflicts, or “problem” pupils. In these situations, teachers are the holders of knowledge and good judgment.

In essence, commitment to the practice of diversity, peace and citizenship education shifts the locus of knowledge from teachers to pupils. Teachers become facilitators of young people’s learning and their participation in the learning of the class.

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