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Upcoming online courses on hate speech in English, German and Italian


Like coffee, hate speech has its distinctive features in every country and language, so we made sure you can take the Facing Facts Online course “Understanding and fighting hate speech” in the language that works the best for you, may that be English, German or Italian.

Sign up for the cohorts starting soon!

Starting 11th April – in German: click here to sign up!

Starting 18th April – in English: click here to sign up!

Starting 13th May – in Italian: click here to sign up!


Throughout the 6-week long cohort, the course will cover the following topics:

  • Online safety
  • The nature and impact of hate speech
  • Definitions and legislation
  • The harm of hate speech
  • The need for monitoring
  • Setting up your monitoring system
  • Countering hate speech
  • Counter-speech vs counter-narratives