Intercultural Dialogue for Women in 2018

The series of Intercultural Dialogue for Women will start again in 2018! Led by our Training Co-ordinator Stéphanie Lecesne, the Sunday morning sessions will explore various topics with women from different religions and backgrounds.

The first session will take place on 25th February at 11:00, providing an opportunity to get to know each other. With three more session throughout the year, around topics as family, migration, discrimination and intersectionality, the program will initiate meaningful discussion and connections between women.

CEJI's campaign to raise awareness of online hate speech launching on 5th February

CEJI's contribution to the Brussels-based React to Racism campaign, Respect en ligne, respect dans ma ville (Respect online, respect in my city) will be launched on the 5th February with a training for volunteers on hate speech. During two weeks between 5-12 February and  26 February-5 March our volunteers will be out in the streets of Brussels to raise awareness of online hate speech and of ways for taking action, including using the eMORE mobile app.

Chat, Bake & Share – Women Intercultural Dialogue Group

Join this lively morning session, an opportunity for Jewish, Muslim, Catholic and atheist women to open up to each other and talk frankly about each other’s culture and traditions on the 3rd December Sunday from 11 am. The event will be moderated by CEJI Training Coordinator Stephanie Lecesne. A baking show by a Moroccan baker will open the event and to connect women. All the food prepared during the event will be distributed to people in need.

Register by clicking here to attend.