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Belieforama celebrates the 15-year anniversary of the Golden Prize win


Belieforama and its training programmes were created in 2004 by a diverse partnership of organisations, led by CEJI.

Belieforama supports individuals and organisations seeking to make a positive long-term impact on religious diversity and belief issues. We do this by developing and providing educational processes and training materials which can generate and inspire personal, organisational and social commitment to issues of religion and belief.

We use training and facilitation to resolve social conflict issues and seek to transform the way that the diversity of religion and belief is experienced in society. Our approach is panoramic. We bring a variety of views and perspectives to the table, from both religious and non-religious people, and empower all to engage in this theme.

The knowledge and information gained through our programmes is translated into policy recommendations which when implemented create more harmonious living and working environments. In 2008 the European Commission awarded Belieforama with the Gold Prize for quality in adult education. 

You can read more about the project here.