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CEJI joins CSO appeal on the Digital Services Act


CEJI joined more than 30 European civil society organisations in an appeal on the Digital Services Act (DSA) with a particular focus on hateful content. The appeal outlines, among many other points, the significance of placing the user at the centre of the legislation and ensuring that what is illegal offline remains illegal online too. It also calls for larger transparency from the social media platforms and highlights the importance of the independence of Trusted Flaggers.

CEJI has been actively participating in the monitoring exercises since the inception of the Code of Conduct on illegal hate speech in 2016, and with its e-learning platform Facing Facts Online it has pioneered in online training on hate speech. CEJI remains committed to tackling all forms of hate speech through education and advocacy, by engaging with policy-makers, social media companies and CSOs across Europe, to work towards a Europe of diversity and respect.