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Coyote magazine


Coyote is a magazine on issues around ‘youth – training – Europe’. It is addressed to trainers, youth workers and all those who want to know more about the world of youth worker training in Europe.

Coyote wants to provide a forum to share and give new insights into some of the issues that trainers face in their work, issues related to the diverse training concepts, methodologies, practices and realities across this continent. It also wants to inform about current developments in this field, especially at the European level.

It is published by the Council of Europe and the European Commission within their partnership in the youth field, with the aim to strengthen networking among trainers involved in European youth worker training and to promote the value of European-level training for youth workers.

Coyote comes out twice every year: in June and December. It can be received free of charge from the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg and is also published on this website.

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