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Echoes of Reflexivity – Workshop overcoming antisemitism and fostering Jewish life in Barcelona


“Reflexive practice recognizes multiple truths and a diversity of perspectives, while privileging those voices typically excluded from policy ‘expert’ roles” (Bolzan, Heycox, & Hughes, 2001). 

“Echoes of reflexivity” aims to be a safe space for discussion about the place of Barcelona in the fight against antisemitism. A discussion about Barcelona’s contemporary history, and current challenges and best practices mainstreaming the fight against antisemitism in different sectors, and areas of life, including education. A space that puts the accent on critical self-awareness, and the diversity of voices living, fighting antisemitism and fostering Jewish life in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings.   

28 April – From 9.30h to 14.00h + Lunch

Barcelona, Casa Adret

For Whom?
CSOs, authorities, policymakers and partners, and youth
representatives from across the EU and Spain responsible for fostering
Jewish life and overcoming antisemitism.

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