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Building Bridges for Combating Antisemitism Together (2023-2024)

In October 2021, the European Commission adopted the first-ever Strategy on Combating Antisemitism and Fostering Jewish Life which sets out a series of measures to prevent all forms of antisemitism, secure and foster Jewish life, and promote remembrance and education about the Holocaust.

“Building bridges and combating antisemitism together” – in short, “Bridges” – is an EU-Funded project implemented by CEJI, the World Jewish Congress, and WhatMatters, that brings together Jewish communities, government representatives, professional networks, and experts to monitor, reinforce and implement the EU strategy on different levels. We do that by:

  • Creating bridges and coalitions between key stakeholders,
  • Building a stronger capacity to the Jewish communities and equipping them with tools and expertise in advocacy,
  • Conducting research, gap analyses and sharing best examples amongst sports authorities, community representatives and community professionals.