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INGRiD (2021-2022)

INGRiD’s priority is to fight multiple discrimination using an intersectional approach. Given the increasing discrimination in Europe, and in particular in Italy, and the fragmented, partial response offered by institutions at national and local level, INGRiD contributes to creating in Italy a national network of qualified anti-discrimination services, strengthens assistance to victims, and builds widespread knowledge and awareness of stakeholders as well as citizens across Europe. INGRiD activities include: research on hidden intersecting discrimination; local training activities designed to empower professionals (100) working in public and private services (law enforcement, public transport, teachers, civil servants, social services), turning them in ‘agents’ of
anti-discrimination; national training and exchange of practices will increase the effectiveness of anti-discrimination offices (10) in preventing, recognising and countering discrimination and
consolidate a national network; an awareness-raising campaign will sensitise citizens (5mln) and help them recognise what discrimination is and how to react. All mentioned activities and the online advocacy campaign will increase stakeholders’ (100) knowledge of EU, national, regional and local policies, as well as practices in the non-discrimination field. INGRiD’s impact is expected on victims of discrimination, who will be better supported by professionals reporting and countering discrimination with an intersectional approach; moreover, anti-discrimination practitioners will grow in terms of number and expertise; finally, the general public will have increased awareness about what discrimination is, what forms it takes and what policies and measures can be adopted by individuals to contrast it.