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sCAN Advanced Monitoring Training in Vienna


In the framework of the European project sCAN, where CEJI is a partner, we are inviting those interested in combatting hate speech to attend a 2 day-long interactive training between October 10-11 in Vienna.

The training will cover the topics of  monitoring and documenting the phenomenon, tackling underreporting, comparing results as well as producing effective counter-narratives. The training will include interactive sessions on how to recognise hate speech, the importance of monitoring and the art of documentation.

If you want to become a monitoring expert and contribute to more thorough research on the cyber hate phenomenon as well as promote more visibility and counteraction, register for the free Advanced Monitoring Trainings via the AM Training Registration Form, which will be open for registration from August 5th 2019 onwards.

For more information, visit the sCAN blog.

Please note that we are following a strict first-come-first-served-principle – so register as quickly as possible. If the training date in Vienna is not feasible for you, please note that another training will be held on March 5th and 6th 2020 in Brussels.

If you want to be set on the mailing list for the invitation to the training in Brussels, please contact: anna.schreilechner@zara.or.at


Watch the video below about the previous training that took place in Palermo: