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Do you speak Dutch and have you already finished your bachelor’s degree? CEJI offers a formative opportunity to discover the NGOs world! We are looking for a student proficient in Dutch willing to support the preparation and the launch of a media & street campaign in Brussels to raise awareness on the issue of hate speech online.

Internship opportunity for Dutch speakers

Position:    Intern – European project internship  
Start date: October 2, 2017
Internship duration: 3 months – 20h/week (+/- 2.5days/week)


To support the implementation of the project “Respect dans ma ville, Respect en ligne” in the Flemish speaking population. The project will be implemented within the broader context of the European project eMORE aiming to increase the knowledge of the phenomenon of hate speech online through technology and research. The intern will support the promotion of the use of the eMORE app, a mobile application to report hate speech online in 9 European countries, including Belgium. The intern will also support the research team in the filtering, screening and analysis of the reports received via the APP.

Roles & Responsibilities

•    To support the content development of awareness materials on hate speech online for Belgium
•    To support CEJI’s team in filtering the reports received via the eMORE APP from the Flemish speaking population of Belgium
•    To support CEJI team in the promotion work for the eMORE app on social media and in public events.

Experience & Competences

•    Bachelor graduate
•    Dutch proficiency with proven writing skills
•    Capacity to work alone and in teamGood computer skills
•    Open-minded to all kind of diversity
•    Ability to understand and communicate in English
•    French is an asset

Please note that the internship must be part of university studies and that we require a written agreement between the intern’s university/school, CEJI and the intern. The internship should be for a period of at least 3 months in part time job and will be based in the CEJI office in Brussels. Any applications that do not respond to these requirements will not be considered.
Internships are unpaid and CEJI does not provide any financial support.

How to apply?
Send your CV and cover letter in English to sarah.lemaire@ceji.org. Please add “Internship application” to the subject field. The deadline for application is 10th September 2017.