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Hate speech – Melissa Sonnino


The original article, written in Italian, can be found here: https://www.scuolaememoria.it/site/it/2022/12/08/discorsi-dodio/?rit=natura-e-genesi-del-pregiudizio

The spread of hate speech, further exacerbated by the pandemic and recent international crises, poses an unprecedented challenge to our societies. The advent of digital communication has magnified its risks, impact and consequences not only for those directly affected, but for society at large. The nature and form of hate speech are evolving rapidly, as are the numerous initiatives at national and international levels aimed at countering it. The aim of this essay is to offer useful information and insights for teachers who need to be able to recognise and deal with hate speech in the classroom and in everyday life.

Download: DISCORSI D’ODIO – Riconoscerli e affrontarli (by Melissa Sonnino)