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SafeNet (2023 – Present)

About the project

The 24-month project “SafeNet: Monitoring and Reporting for Safer Online Environments” seeks to apply a comprehensive and intersectional approach to prevention and fight against intolerance, racism and xenophobia online.

It joins 21 partners, many of them members of the International Network against Cyber Hate (INACH) and the umbrella organisation itself. Many are trusted flaggers and have taken part in the monitoring exercises within the scope of the Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online.

The project tasks will be organised in 3 work packages consisting of management and organisational framework; monitoring of content deemed illegal under national laws transposing the EU Framework Decision 2008/913/JHA using the methodology from the past monitoring exercises conducted by the European Commission; and dissemination of gathered data to the relevant stakeholders and the general public.

Up to 20.000 cases will be reported, 10 infosheets in English and 180 in other EU languages produced, online training run for the monitoring partners, standards for trusted flaggers reached for all partners, advocacy roundtables and a closing conference will be organised.


The project focuses on two priorities:

  • Continuous monitoring and reporting hate speech content to the IT companies and responsible authorities;
  • Awareness raising by regular advocacy towards the social media companies, providing consolidated and interpreted data to national authorities as well as running national bi-monthly information campaigns involving different stakeholders, including IT Companies, public authorities, civil society organisations and media.

The project aims to target online hate based on grounds including but not limited to racial or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. One of the objectives is to tackle intersectional forms of hate speech.
Additional target groups involve IT companies, national and European authorities, CSOs and media. The public will benefit from a faster removal of hate speech.

Continuous monitoring

SafeNet’s main goal is continuous monitoring of the IT platforms’ adherence to the Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online. Our consortium will ensure qualitative and continuous monitoring in a period of two years of the IT platforms that are signatories of the Code of Conduct.

In this section, you can find fact sheets in English and national languages, presenting data and drawing conclusions on our monitoring efforts during 10 monitoring periods throughout 24 months.

Fact sheets in English and national languages.

Number of reports on illegal hate speech

Since the start of the project, we have reported 2689 instances of illegal hate speech cases to the IT platforms.

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For more information visit the project’s website www.inach.net/safenet/