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Facing facts

Facing Facts is a series of an innovative programmes aiming to tackle the issue of hate crime and hate speech in Europe. We believe that the experience of Jewish communities in monitoring such behaviour can play a vital role in marshalling government and civic responses to that combat antisemitism and all forms of hatred.

Through the Facing Facts Online e-learning platform, we are hosting a set of high-quality and practice-oriented interactive coures on hate crime, hate speech and bias-indicators. Since its inception in 2011, this initiative has been praised for its role in training on, and advocating for, hate crime monitoring systems that expose overlooked hate motivated acts such as racist, antisemitic, anti-muslim and homophobic hate crimes.

The course is perfectly designed for working people. Furthermore it provides perfect combination of theory and practice (all the exercises and case studies). The constant possibility to engage with my tutor and peers is also a huge plus.

Facing Facts began as a partnership between four NGOs, with complementary experience in education, advocacy and hate crime monitoring to develop the first ‘train the trainer’ programme on monitoring hate crimes for CSOs. Moving forward, the programme has expanded its network of trainers and partner organisations, since establishing a holistic, multi-stakeholder approach to hate crime monitoring. Facing Facts has since moved into a new phase, Facing Facts Online, which combines existing training programs into two online courses on identifying, monitoring and countering hate crime and hate speech. With our new EU-funded project, Facing All the Facts, we look to reach a broader audience, specifically targeting law enforcement and government bodies to achieve institutional change in hate crime perception.

Our available courses

Hate speech
Hate speech advocacy
Hate crime monitoring for CSOs

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This is a great way of broadening my knowledge and thank you a lot for this opportunity.

Our upcoming courses

Bias indicator courses on the following communities:

People of African descent
Migrant and Refugees