Radicalization cannot be explained by racism alone


By Robin Sclafani, CEJI Director - November 14, 2015 – It is just 12 hours since terror began in Paris, since we began to shed tears for the hundreds of victims killed or injured, since we suspended ourselves in front of the news reports waiting for the signs that it was over. Maybe the immediate incidents of violence have come to an end, but the terror and the aftermath domino-effect is in full swing. Oh Paris, dear France and its people, our hearts are with you who are on the front line in this war...

'Facing Facts!' hate crime monitoring and training project presented at the OSCE-ODIHR

image (c) @JuliePascoet

Mike Whine of the Community Security Trust (CST) presented Facing Facts! at the 'Human Dimension Implementation Meeting' of the OSCE-ODHIR in Warsaw on 29 September: I want to describe briefly a project, developed with the help of ODIHR, which deals with the needs addressed by this session on combating hate crimes. Facing Facts! is designed to assist civil society organisations to monitor hate crimes, to criminal justice standards, and to use the product of their learning to engage more effectively with their governments. Image (c) @JuliePascoet

Guidelines for Acknowledging and Monitoring Antisemitism On- and Offline

CEJI - A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe

In these guidelines, we look at the origins of the word 'antisemitism' and examine other terms and working definitions. We also give concrete examples of antisemitism, and compare criticism of Israel with antisemitic criticism of Israel and look at where the line should be drawn. The publication also contains useful annexes on current manifestations of antisemitism in Europe (2013-2015) and antisemitic incidents in European countries during 2014.