Partnerships are critical to CEJI's work. Currently we are working with several networks to keep the European dimension of our educational activities and promote continuous research and development as well as intercultural and interfaith learning. In addition, we are also engaged in the fight against discrimination in all its forms. We coordinated the ACODDEN network - "A CLASSROOM OF DIFFERENCE ™ program coordinators, trainers and teachers network - and we play a supporting role in the functioning of EPTO (European Peer Training Organisation).

CEJI has been actively involved for several years with the TRES network (Teaching Religion in a multicultural European Society) and NILE (Network on Intercultural Learning in Europe) and ENAR (European Network against Racism). Our Belieforama programme is distributed through a network composed by Extravaleren (Netherlands), IAC (Spain), IIT (Romania), the Institute for International Co-operation of the German Adult Education Association, Multi-Faith Centre (United Kingdom), Partners Bulgaria Foundation, People Can (United Kingdom) and CEJI (Brussels).

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